Friday, 30 August 2013

Work in progress on two orders.

Been working on new orders this week and I just came up with a new Fabric Flower product design for the shop: a hana kanazashi flower hairband, version 2.0:

Unlike my previous hair band designs, this one will have medium-sized flowers instead of large ones. For a standard headband size, seven flowers will cover the top. Will add leaves and other embellishments to the final product, if ever someone will order for this.

Anyway, those flowers are actually for a crown ordered by a client. This is the finished product:
The crown itself is black, as requested by the client, with violet and white flowers,and pollen and white beads on the center. Can't wait to see this on her head!

The second client for this week ordered for a couple of the 'two-layer single flower with falls' kanzashi. She already paid her orders just this afternoon so I immediately started to work on them. 

This is my current status on her order:
I can't believe that I am almost halfway done. I hope I can finish everything tonight so I can ship them all tomorrow. 

I love making these flowers! I hope I can make some more for other clients too! 

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