Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Extra Large Hana Kanzashi - (For Maiko and Geisha)

This hana kanzashi was ordered by a client online. This is the first one of the extra large hana kanzashi category that I made. 
Clip has:
4 double-layered pointed flowers
5 rounded petals
10 pairs of petals on each fall with a bell on the end
7 falls

Everything was placed on an alligator clip.

Kanzashi great when wearing traditional Japanese clothing such as the Kimono or Yukata.
Clip is open for remakes. Color of the petals, number of falls and style of the flowers can be changed according to clients' preference.

For made-to-order.
Price: 500PHP each

This order came with surprise freebies. :)

Thank you for reading! 

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