Saturday, 18 January 2014

Pink orders from two clients.

Last month was pink month for my shop! Two clients ordered assorted pink accessories from the shop... from combs, kanzashi to berettes - almost everything was pink and white! <3

Order number one:
(1) FFbC comb
(2) Two-layer single flower with falls on barrette
(2) Two-layer single flower with falls on stick
(2) Binyeo Hair stick

New design for a hair stick :)

Order number two:
(1) Hana Kanzashi on a barrette
(1) FFbC comb

Pink is my favorite color and this batch is my favorite so far.
What a joy it was to work with pink ribbons and make these accessories. LOL!

These hair accessories are open for remakes! Head to it's facebook page to inquire
or to the Order Form page to place an order. ^_^

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